About Us

      I was healed of cancer when a man of God prayed for me and I saw Jesus step out of his countenance. And it began my translation out of a religious spirit that "knew it all" ( Boy, was I annoying and miserable even though it looked like I had it all!)  into the Liberty of Christ.

     Then came my dream and calling to reach many people with God's Love.

     Chateau Lumiere began on 06/07/08 with a dream and $500 as a store front in Long Lake, Minnesota for a place for people to find a place of comfort & Joy in the Holy Spirit.  Most all people who walk-in and say "it just feels good in here!" while simply experiencing gift shopping or a Tea Teaching event.  Many people were translated into the Glory of God and received Miracles.  Every Saturday Evening , we would move the store around to allow for seating for a powerful evening of Bible teaching, with the help of many faithful volunteers.

     Jesus was giving me a glimpse, a foretaste of his plan for my life/ministry, and how to be in the marketplace without watering down the word and presence of Christ.  You may know, that the devils can hide well in and around people...until the presence of  God's glory shows up and reveals the plans of the enemy!  I faced much persecution in the 3 years I was there while God was honing my spirit in discernment & wisdom while healing my soul.   And a lot of patience- And many Miracles!

      While having beautiful experiences in the presence of heaven here and now. One of my favorite dreams was when Jesus was holding me like a child, while he was seated on his throne!

     In 2015 I began handcrafting my my own Organic Teas to address some health issues.  I began to feel better and others were asking if they could buy some tea.  Since then, Healthy Baking of tea treats -gluten, sugar or dairy free options has also became a passion. While working full time in the Interior Design business.

     God has given me a dream of helping women over 50 to receive healing through the manifest presence of Jesus and learning how to maintain health as getting older in the regeneration of God's presence.. It is NOT TO LATE to fulfill your destiny in Christ.

In recent years I have been invite to share my testimony or share tea at Interfaith Breakfast events, the Jewish Women's Conference and a other gatherings. I enjoy meeting people where they least expect it at local Farmers and Craft Markets with Chateau Tea and Healthy Organic Bakery items.

Also I enjoy teaching bible studies in my own and homes of other saints. And hosting  Afternoon Tea & Teaching events for small groups in my home several times a year; mostly seasonal, holiday centered events.  

I believe Now, it is even more important to have a place for people who are hungry for more of God or just need a place to find rest for their souls to GATHER.  To be entreated in love by hospitality, so they feel their worth and value in the kingdom of heaven. Maybe have a little retail therapy while drinking a fabulous Organic Chai tea latte!  A place where translation from Glory to Glory is possible for those who seek Him. Oh Halleluiah!! So much Fun!!

Stay tuned...for Chateau Tea developments....

Here is to your beauTEAful new beginning!

With Love,