All things are made Beau TEA ful its time with God

Isaiah 55:11-13


" I think I am one of many of your Divine inspiration for home and spirit. I sure do Love all products and it's going to propel this whole entire nation with God's goodness, health, longevity, and love that never fails. "

Sheliah W. South Dakota

"Deborah, your tea just makes everything better!"

Tatianna Minneapolis, MN

"I recently attended a tea at Deb's welcoming home. what a lovely way to add to Easter's Celebration! The time in scripture and song were meaningful as we gathred in the beautiful living room."

Laurie B, Minnetonka, MN

" Deb just shines with Grace and Love as she serves, and serves and serves!"

Laurie B, Minnetonka, MN

"The Tea itself was absolutely delightful, accompanied my many delicious foods-each creatively presented with thoughful consideration to ingredients for each guest's needs."

Laurie B, Minnetonka, MN

"Everything is so pretty, the table setting, the way the food is created and set out. It was so nice to be able to have Gluten free treats with the caffiene free (Chateau Peppermint) tea. I had so much fun!

Yvonne N, Waconia, MN

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