Our Cold and Flu fighting Tea Dou

A beautiful collection of health enhancing teas.
Perfect for a NEW Daily health practice:
Start your Morning with Chateau Tea's Organic Elderberry Goodness Herbal Tea to give you the antioxidant boost needed. Then use our Herbal, NO Caffeine DAILY DETOX TEA for a gentle body, relaxing cleanse before bedtime!

Organic Cold and Flu fighting Tea Dou....

ORGANIC ELDERBERRY GOODNESS- Is full of goodness starting with Organic Lemongrass that may help prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast.  It is also thought to relieve pain and swelling with its relaxing benefits. Next Elderberries AND Echinacea are power houses for boosting your immune systems. We've added Lemon Verbena is good for digestive disorders ( upset stomach).  One of my favorites Cinnamon helps tp make this tea delicious even sweeter   and control blood sugar levels so you are less likely to crave those sugary treats! PLUS a little ginger and Licorice to ward off colds.

DAILY DETOX TEA is a delightful way to gentle flush out toxins with HOLY Basil, Rose Hip Leaves, Lemon Myrtle, Spearmint and Linden Blossoms!! Caffiene free,  so you can lay down in comfort as our tin is modeling!;)


For MORE HEALTHY COMFORT & JOY to your day try: Organic Rooibos Chai Herbal Tea has no caffeine and full body flavor with ginger, cinnamon, green cardamon and natural Vanilla flavor. With its Heart Heath and anti-inflammatory Properties!

And a perfect, cozy-up cup of comfort and Joy favorite; Our Organic Vanilla Chai Black Tea, to cuddle up on cool mornings. This smooth black tea has about 1/3 the amount of Caffiene as a equal cup of coffee.  My favorite with Organic Honey and Coconut or Almond Milk for a Fabulous Chai Tea Latte that will also bring Joy to your pocket book as this will cost you less than a dollar per latte cup!

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