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A Beautiful Tea before Bed to Reduce Stress and Detox while sleeping

Tea is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.  Keeping our bodies clean from toxins caused by stress and even spiritual battles against evil ( that is a whole book- more on that later;). Is made easier with a relaxing cup of Tea!

This simple recipe will help flush and unblock your liver, so blood can flow easier and cleaner throughout our systems.

The Chamomile tea can be replaced with our Daily Detox Herbal Tea or the All is Calm Serene Herbal Tea , which the base is Chamomile flower. The honey is full of antioxidants, Lemon has large amounts of absorbable vitamin C, and ginger one of the best anti inflammatory properties.

During the hot summers, brew this as usual then allow to cool to room temperature - add ice and maybe even a mint leaf!

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